Areas of activity

Yielding Infrastructures

Wherever a new infrastructure is built, advanced technology is developed, or a promising project is launched, Keystone Fund is there to offer investors attractive investment opportunities.

Whether these are renewable energies, desalination plants, power stations, operation of toll roads or communication systems, our goal remains the same – to establish a diverse portfolio, one that strives to ensure a lucrative return and reduce risks.

  • Energy


A number of prominent trends have characterized the Israeli energy economy in recent years which offer promising financial opportunities – privatization tenders for IEC-owned power plants; transition to natural gas as a significant source of energy; the accelerated expansion of renewable energies, with an emphasis on solar energy.

  • Communication


The world is becoming more and more connected. Data traffic is expanding tenfold and the need for communication infrastructures is growing faster than ever.

The growing demand for communication systems is met by an increase in the number of new ventures and projects in the field, which include, among others, the deployment of international fiber systems, the establishment of data centers and the establishment of cellular and landline telephone infrastructures.

  • Water


Water, the very basic and most important resource, provides a special opportunity for investment: both an opportunity to positively impact Israel's water economy and a solid long-term return. Israel is considered one of the most advanced countries in the world in water treatment technologies. This sector includes seawater desalination facilities, waste and sewage treatment facilities and the treatment of polluted groundwater.

  • Transportation


The field of private and public transportation provides tremendous opportunities. At present, the field of transportation is the most invested by the government. Dozens of projects are in various stages of planning and construction, including a light rail in the central district (Gush Dan), a light rail between Haifa and Nazareth, Park & Ride projects, toll roads, upgrading existing infrastructures and more.

  • PPP


Public Private Partnership projects are projects for the establishment of infrastructure in collaboration between the private and public sectors. PPP projects reflect the relative advantages of each of the sectors – private and public, and ensure an optimal distribution of risks between them. In PPP projects, the private sector assumes the responsibility to provide the service, product or infrastructure, and the public sector ensures a constant payment in return.