• Egged


Egged is the largest public transportation company in Israel, and one of the largest transportation groups in the world, employs approximately 9,000 employees and provides services in 28 public transportation clusters in Israel with ~200 million km per year. In addition, Egged operates light rail  trains and private transportation in Israel. Alongside its operations in Israel, Egged also operates in the field of public transportation in the Netherlands and Poland.

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  • The Operator's Group

The Operator's Group

With over 900 kilometers of roads and hundreds of thousands of vehicles traveling on them daily, the The Operator's Group maintains and operates some of the major and most crowded transportation arteries and toll roads in Israel. The ongoing road maintenance ensures a stable revenue, a professional platform for expanding operations and potential for improvement through tenders and new projects.

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  • Eranovum (EV Recharging)

Eranovum (EV Recharging)

Eranovum e-Mobility is a Spanish company, which develops an electric vehicle recharging network across Spain.  Keystone’s investment is intended to be used for the development and construction of Eranovum e-Mobility’s projects.

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