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The Operator's Group consists of companies engaged in operating and maintenance contracts for numerous roads across Israel, and service companies that provide various maintenance services and projects in the field of transportation.

The group's main asset is Derech Eretz, the operating and maintenance contractor for Highway 6. In addition, the Operator's Group includes the companies operating the Carmel Tunnels in Haifa, Netivei HaTzafon (a network of nearly 30 roads with a total length of 270 km in northern Israel) and other transport service companies.

The acquisition was completed in February 2020 and Keystone currently holds 21.33% of the Operator's Group. Other companies that co-own the group are Shikun & Binui, the Phoenix and Clal Insurance.


Derech Eretz website (Highway 6)




Area of activity


Scope of investment

NIS 69 million


Shikun & Binui, the Phoenix, Clal Insurance