• The Operator's Group

The Operator's Group

With over 900 kilometers of roads and hundreds of thousands of vehicles traveling on them daily, the The Operator's Group maintains and operates some of the major and most crowded transportation arteries and toll roads in Israel. The ongoing road maintenance ensures a stable revenue, a professional platform for expanding operations and potential for improvement through tenders and new projects.

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  • Desalination Facility Ashkelon - VID

Desalination Facility Ashkelon - VID

Keystone Fond owns 50% of VID, the concessionaire of the desalination plant in Ashkelon, the first of its kind in Israel and one of the most advanced in the world. The facility has a maximum production capacity of about 120 million cubic meters of desalinated water per year, for drinking, irrigation and other uses.

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  • Ramat Hovav Power Plant

Ramat Hovav Power Plant

Thanks to a production capacity of about 1,200 megawatts (11% of the Israel Electric Corporation's production capacity, before that sale), the Ramat Hovav power plant is one of the largest facilities in Israel that operates with natural gas. The area adjacent to the station allows for future expansion and additional production capacity, which provides for additional betterment potential.

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  • Sunflower


Sunflower Sustainable Investment is a public company engaged in the field of renewable energy. Keystone acquired control of the company in April 2021 and it now serves as Keystone's renewable energy investment division. Sunflower owns and operates five wind farms in Poland, consisting of 24 turbines, with a total production capacity of about 50 MW.

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  • Helios - Renewable energy in Israel

Helios - Renewable energy in Israel

The world is advancing towards cleaner energy and Keystone continues to establish its investment portfolio in the field.

In March 2021, Keystone purchased solar facilities with a capacity of 31 MW.

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  • Cinturion - Fiber Optics

Cinturion - Fiber Optics

Keystone is investing in the TEAS mega project by global fiber-optic provider Cinturion, for the installation of a fiber network between India and Europe running through the Middle East with a total construction cost of over $ 900 million. Cinturion intends to finance the project through down payments from customers for the purchase of fibers.

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