Harness The Wind, Reap Profits

The global market is increasingly acknowledging the importance of renewable energies, and the Cleantech sector continues to establish itself as a popular and smart investment. Sunflower, Keystone's renewable energy investment platform, combines entrepreneurial activity alongside holdings in lucrative renewable energy assets. Sunflower owns and operates five wind farms in Poland, consisting of 24 turbines, with a total production capacity of about 50 MW.

Keystone purchased 256 photovoltaic systems across Israel with a capacity of approximately 31 MW and was awarded a tender for the installation of solar roof panels to be connected to the power grid with a capacity of approximately 10 MW. These assets will be handed over to Sunflower (subject to the required authorizations including Sunflower's approval).


Sunflower website

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תחום פעילות

Renewable energy

היקף השקעה

NIS 151 million

ממוצע תזרים שנתי צפוי

NIS 335 million

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Leumi Partners Ltd


About 50 MW