Desalination as a way of life

The desalination plant in Ashkelon is a project of national importance that paved the way for the State of Israel to become a desalination power nation. The facility is the first of its kind in Israel and the first project established in Israel under BOT agreement. From 2005 until today, the facility has produced billions of cubic meters of desalinated water for drinking and irrigation. The facility's maximum production capacity is about 120 million cubic meters of water per year and it is considered one of the world's largest facilities employing reverse osmosis technology.

VID's financial debt is expected to be repaid in full by 2025, two years before the end of the concession period.

Maintenance rate


תחום פעילות

Water treatment

היקף השקעה

NIS 219 million

שווי הוגן בספרים

About NIS 40 million per year

ממוצע תזרים שנתי צפוי

NIS 224 million (31.3.2021)

שותפים בהשקעה

Veridis Water Desalination Ltd.