Energy is power

Keystone continues to implement the fund's energy investment strategy. In November 2020, Edeltech was awarded a tender together with Shikun & Binui for the purchase of the Ramat Hovav power plant from the Israel Electric Corporation in the amount of NIS 4.2 billion. Keystone, in partnership with Menora Mivtachim, provided financing for Edeltech, partly with the option of future conversion to a 16.3% holding in the plant (indirectly).

The plant's existing infrastructure, located at a central infrastructure intersection of electricity, gas and diesel, enables easy and convenient transportation to and from it.

Maintenance rate

Approximately 16.3% (based on an anticipated loan conversion in December 2022)

תחום פעילות

NIS 175 million

היקף השקעה

About NIS 20 million per year

שווי הוגן בספרים

NIS 105 million (convertible loan) | NIS 74 million (non-convertible loan) (31.3.2021)

שותפים בהשקעה

Menora Mivtachim, Edeltech, Shikun & Binui


About 1,194MW