Israel is on the fiber map

The investment agreement between Keystone and Cinturion was signed in December 2020, under which Keystone holds 25% of the shares in the TEAS project with a total investment of $ 8 million (subject to compliance with predetermined milestones). In this project, Cinturion intends to deploy a fiber optic system (marine and underground) over 20,000 km. The system will connect India to Europe via the Middle East and will serve as an alternative to the existing system, which suffers from overload and sluggishness.

The new network is designed to connect between data centers of the largest communications and cloud companies in the world.


Cinturion website

Maintenance rate

About 25%

תחום פעילות


היקף השקעה

NIS 30 million (subject to meeting milestones)

תשואה צפויה

Tens of percent (upon completion of the installation)

לקוחות צפויים

The largest communication and cloud companies in the world